We believe in the Good News (Gospel) of Yahuwshuwa the Anointed One (Jesus Christ).

Gospel Explained:

Before time began there existed a Being (God) this Being was, “Triune”, (three Persons; one Being) consisting of; God the Father (Yahuwah), God the Son (Yahuwshuwa), God the Holy Breath of Life (Holy Spirit). All things were created by Him and for Him and Through Him. He created Mankind in His image; first the male was formed from the dust of the ground and then the female was fashoned from a piece of the male, they were made perfect. Humans were created with a purpose of existing in unhindered relationship with God.

When the universe was created it was given order and patterns and limits in which to function. Mankind was given freewill to choose to operate under the given order and be blessed, or to rebel and suffer the consequences of that disobedience (sin). Every human that has ever walked the planet has, at some point in their life, chosen to sin and thus the relationship of perfection between themselves and God has been broken. After a period of time where ALL humans sinned, God gave to the Hebrew people ten simple rules to follow in order to maintain a perfect relationship with Him and with one another (the Ten Commandments).

After we as the human race had been given the proper time to realize that, No matter how hard we try we can never be continually perfect on our own, the “Triune” God enacted the plan that had been put into place from before time began.

The power of the Holy Spirit overshadowed a virgin Jewish woman and she conceived and gave birth to God the Son. The name given to this baby was “Yahuwshuwa” in the Hebrew language and in America He is called Jesus.  He began from birth to fufill prophecies that had been recorded by the Jews. At the age of about 30 He was baptized by His cousin John and began to live among and minister to the public, teaching and performing miracles.

For the next three years He walked alongside twelve men He had chosen to be his companions; until one of the men betrayed Him to his own peoples’ religious leaders. They then turned Him over to the government of the time (Rome) to be executed, though Jesus never committed a sin against God or crime against the government. This execution was performed first by beating Him and then using spikes to fasten His hands and feet to a wooden cross. He was left hanging there until He died!

He was buried in a tomb. Three days later God raised Him from the dead. Before He ascended into Heaven He appeared to over 500 people. After this He went back to Heaven where He sits at the right hand of God the Father making intercession for the saints.