ReMission Defined

ReMission is a not-for-profit 501c3 founded in 2014 by Andrew (Chewie) and Kendra Swick with the purpose of, “Assisting charitable organizations in constructing and implementing sustainable models of social, economic and spiritual aid.”swick

After working overseas for only a short period, the Swicks discovered that mission work often times has some largely overlooked deficiencies without readily implemented solutions. (More Info) Recognizing that they could be most effective by coming alongside existing missions and bolstering their efforts, they began the work that is now ReMission.

Some of the work of ReMission is to assist mission organizations by using available skills and resources in electronics, mechanics, and construction, when problems arise. The assisted mission can then continue to focus on normal operations while ReMission troubleshoots problems and devises sustainable solutions.

ReMission also takes what has been learned and shares it with others, both in North America and to people who live and work abroad, through personal conversations, newsletters and posts on social media (blogs and websites). Since the Swicks have personally learned so much from others sharing their knowledge in these ways, they feel that these methods should also be included as a vital part of their ministry to help missions become sustainable.

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Donations can also be mailed to: ReMission Inc. P.O. Box 4727 Newark, Ohio 43058